Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beautelle Expands British Manufacturing Operation...

British Beautelle Bucks the Trend with expansion…
Beautelle has announced their re-location to larger new premises this January.
The move accommodates an expansion to their manufacturing operation and the opening of a brand new factory showroom this spring.
Spring 2009 will also see the growth of Beautelle Ltd with the launch of a new sub-division, Meditelle. The additional division will extend their existing range of medical products and provide British made high-quality specialist equipment to the medical sector. This is a ‘win win’ for both therapy and medical customers who can be assured that all equipment is custom built to the very highest British safety standards.
The companies Sales Director, Sarah Howells comments“ we are delighted to be announcing our companies planned growth for 2009 and to be bucking the current economic trend. We are fortunate that we can play to our strength’s as a British manufacturer, we are indeed in a unique position that allows us to adapt and change quickly to produce top quality British products and give greater choice to all market segments across health, beauty and medical sectors. Recent national publicity championing British manufactured products to stimulate home-grown businesses is an initiative that has also boosted our company”.
Beautelle’s new showroom facility will also offer a unique experience, situated within the new manufacturing premises it will be accessed through the factory so customers can walk through the plant to get to the showroom viewing area which is situated above the factory floor and designed to give a 'birds eye view' of the production processes. The showroom area will feature a comprehensive selection of products from all ranges for salon, spa and medical buyers.

Beautelle Manufacturing Centre, Moor Lane, Witton, BIRMINGHAM. B6 7HH UK
Tel: 0121 332 1850 Fax: 0121 332 1851 E: enquiry@beautelle.co.uk