Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Beautelle kits out Medical Clinic for new Channel4 Show

Beautelle kits out Medical Clinic for new Channel4 Show
-New series starts Thursday 17 May, 8.30pm on Channel 4

A staggering 40% of people in the UK put off going to the GP out of embarrassment.
The Embarrassing Illnesses Clinic is open for business to tackle those medical problems that people would rather ignore than take to a doctor. Nothing will be too shameful or shocking, as this new series explores the conditions and ailments that leave many more than a little red-faced and aims to de-stigmatise common complaints.

Three doctors – Dawn Harper, Christian Jessen and Pixie McKenna - will be throwing open the doors of the clinic which has been completely furnished by leading Medical Equipment manufacturer Beautelle Ltd. The Ch4 production team utilised Beautelle’s design expertise and manufacturing know how to fully equip the special clinic with the latest state of the art medical equipment including Examination Couches, Medical Privacy Screens, Patient Chairs, and Surgery Trolleys.

By the end of each programme, viewers will have discovered how to identify symptoms, where to seek advice and, most importantly, find a cure for their awkward ailments.

Nothing will be too embarrassing for the medics at the frontline of fighting blushes as they investigate the UK’s most Embarrassing Illnesses.

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