Monday, April 03, 2006

Beautelle’s saddle stools provide correct posture and support

Product Focus...
Ergonomic stool design is playing an ever-important role in the wellbeing of the seated therapist, technician and beautician. More and more therapists suffer with back and posture problems. The chairs or stools they sit on to give a treatment can be a contributing factor to poor posture which has resulted in Beautelle’s popular ergonomic seating range ever increasing!
Recommended by orthopaedic specialists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, the Burley Saddle Stool is proven to reduce work related upper limb disorders(RSI), decrease pain and fatigue associated with muscular tension, reduce lower back pain, relieve posture problems and improve blood circulation.
Beautelle’s saddle stools provide correct posture and support allowing the spine to maintain its physiological curves. Prices start at a comfortable £100+vat.

The shape of a Beautelle Saddle Seat maintains your natural spinal curve as you sit, stretch or lean forward ...Sitting on a saddle seat maintains the natural 'S' shape of the spine.


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A ‘Classic’ Addition

A new addition to the popular Windor 100 portable aluminium couch range, The Windsor 180 Cable Classic has all the virtues of the Windsor aluminium portable couch enhanced with a cable tensor system to provide extraordinary strength and optimum stability. Built specifically for performance this aluminium cable model provides heavy duty load bearing of up to 317.5kilo (50stone), a wider width to offer greater comfort, but remains light to carry! Price £275+vat.
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Beautelle launches new furniture collection Spring 2006

Beautelle’s brand new Beechwood range of furniture has evolved from the salon and spa putting more emphasis towards enhancing the ‘customer treatment experience’.Beautelles design know-how and manufacturing experience has balanced the practical issues of getting the ‘design look’ together with a cohesive range of equipment that provides for ultimate comfort for the client combined with ease of use for the therapy operator. Sarah Dandy, Sales & Marketing Director at Beautelle comments “Salon owners not only require their equipment to be functional but it also needs to endorse and enhance their own theme or design look.”The choice of materials and styles used in a salon or spa room has encouraged the development of this extensive natural suite of beechwood furniture which is complemented by a new ‘earthy’ selection of vinyl coverings in Rich Havana, Golden Hay or Toasted Almond.

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