Wednesday, August 01, 2007

New Chiropractic Couches!

New Chiropractic Helmsley's added to Series...
The popular Helmsley 1000 Series continues to grow with the recent introduction of two tables specifically designed for Chiropractic use.
The latest edition, the Helmsley 1045 offers a two-section table with a head section tailored for Chiropractic manipulation. The Helmsley 1050 is a three section plinth with special features particularly designed for chiropractic applications. Both couches are specifically designed to give the practitioner close working access and enable the client to be positioned for optimal spinal adjustment.
Beautelle have recently developed the 1045 after consulting with McTimoney Chiropractic practitioners and both the new models in this Helmsley high-specification electronic couch series are suitable for Chiropractic treatments including the McTimoney technique.
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