Thursday, December 07, 2006

Let Down by your Current Supplier?

Let down by your supplier and looking for equipment in a hurry? If your previous supplier is no longer trading Beautelle can fulfil all your health and beauty equipment needs. We manufacture an extensive range of equipment including couches, chairs, seating, trolleys to meet all Spa & Salon, Medical & Health treatment requirements. We also offer an express manufacturing service to accelerate the manufacturing process of any customer’s equipment order that is needed hastily. In addition we offer full technical support on the majority of equipment products including brands other than Beautelle, so you can rely on our technicians to maintain and repair your equipment if your original supplier has ceased trading.
So if your equipment supplier has gone out of business or has let you down on delivery, contact Beautelle, the UK’s leading manufacturer, who can offer you an efficient and speedy service to manufacture and supply quality equipment to meet your every need. Telephone our friendly and helpful advisors on 0121 322 0920 or visit

Monday, November 20, 2006

College Training Equipment

We offer an extensive range of Beauty & Therapy Training Room Equipment to furnish your college salon rooms or training centre. We are able to give you professional, expert advice and a competitive quote. Call our dedicated college advisor on 0121 322 0925.

Public Sector Educational Establishments i.e. Colleges /Training Schools & University Hospitals - You can Fax or Mail your purchase order (must have an official purchase order number). Please Fax to 0121 322 0921 .

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Beautelle Autumn Open Day - A Great Success!

Leading therapy and medical equipment manufacturer Beautelle once again opened its factory doors to visitors on Sunday 5th November 2006. This Autumn's event was the best yet with customers travelling to the Birmingham factory from as far as Cornwall, Colchester, London and Manchester. Beautelle is situated in the middle of the country within just a few minutes of the M6 motorway network and customers took advantage of this convenient location to come along to discuss their equipment needs and take advantage of the the personal and expert service offered to them on the day.Visitors particularly commented on how tremendous it was to have the opportunity to deal on a ‘one-to-one’ basis and be afforded a little more time and attention than a trade show environment can offer them. Customers also took advantage of excellent discounts given on all orders placed on the day. Many customers chose to have their couches, stools and chairs made for them ‘while they waited’ and enjoyed watching as their equipment was upholstered in their own chosen vinyl colours.Look out for Beautelle's next Open Day taking place Spring2007 - date to be announced soon!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Exciting New Colour Unveiled by Beautelle

Beautelle, the British therapy equipment manufacturer will make all those salon designers looking to create a natural look in their salon or spa very excited with the launch this Winter of their fantastically rich new coffeebean upholstery shade.

This new ‘earthy’ coffebean colour adds to the vast array of natural colour ways already available from Beautelle’s upholstery collection including, barley corn, rich havana, golden hay, toasted almond.

So you can let your imagination run riot and get a bespoke look, at down to 'earth' prices!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Health Equipment & Medical Furniture

We offer a comprehensive range of specialist medical furniture & health equipment built to meet the treatment needs of NHS & Private Clinics, Hospitals; GP Surgeries; Dental Practices; Nursing Homes; UK Government - Laboratories, University Hospitals & Emergency Services.

We accept NHS purchase orders - fax on 0121 322 0921

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

We offer a comprehensive range of First Aid equipment

Beautelle medical equipment offers a comprehensive range of First Aid equipment that is ideally suited to the workplace- for commerce, industry or for the school First Aid Room.

We manufacture all the essential first aid furniture to equip your room including trolleys to store first aid materials; a range of examination & recovery couches; pateint chairs & practitioner stools; waterproof couch protection; pillows & blankets; privacy screens.

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Our medical first aid equipment is manufactured in the UK to meet British Safety Standards - BS3379/BS5852, & The Furniture & Furnishings Fire Safety Regulations (S11324, 1989), making it the safest furniture to equip your First Aid Room at work or at school.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


CALLING ALL COLLEGES... Looking to refurbish your college salon rooms … for professional, expert advice and a competitive quote call us on 0121 322 0920

Beautelle launches new brochure

Click on your chosen method for receiving a copy of our brochure, price list and order form -

Friday, July 07, 2006

Sitting Comfortably

The Sitting-Comfortably range of ergonomic seating

(A Beautelle subsidiary company)

Introduction and benefits: Are you sitting comfortably or does the chair you work on leave your back aching? Use your back correctly and have complete mobility wherever you are sitting, at home or at work, with the Sitting-Comfortably ergonomic stool.

This ergonomic design corrects posture and gives maximum support to relieve and prevent back pain. It reduces work related upper limb disorders, and minimises aches and pains in wrists, arms and shoulders. The use of this stool with a correct seated posture will help to avoid repetitive strain injury (RSI).

The benefits of using the Sitting-Comfortably ergonomic stool are:-
decreases pain and fatigue associated with muscular tension
alleviates neck, back and shoulder pain and related headaches
improves blood circulation and digestion
reduces lower back pain
relieves posture problems
enhances muscle tone & strengthens abdominal muscles
Corrects spinal posture
Improves reach and hand control
Improves seated mobility and leg movement

Technical specification
The ergonomic stool is of strong and durable construction and features height Adjusting Gas Lift-Single Lever Control and Five Star Bases. It is manufactured from Medical Grade Upholstery and Foam to standards S11324,1989, BS3379/BS5852

There are 5 models available in 6 colours and a two-tone option:
Standard: Pad 23" x 15", Gas Lift-Single Lever Control and Chrome Base with Castors
Tilting-top: Pad 23" x 15 Gas Lift-Single Lever Control, Adjustable Tilting Pad - 35°, Dual Lever Control and Five Star Chrome Base with Castors.
Compact Static: Pad 21" x 12", Gas Lift-Single Lever Control, Black Base with Castors
Compact Tilting: Pad 21" x 12", Gas Lift-Single Lever Control, Adjustable Tilting Pad – 35,Dual Lever Control and Black Base with Castors
High-Rise: Pad 23" x 15", Gas Lift-Single Lever Control, Adjustable Foot Ring and Chrome Base with Gripper Feet.

Uses and applications
The ergonomic stool is ideal for many sorts of seated occupations or operations: in offices, computer departments and workstations; laboratory and assembly workers; for medical, dental and veterinary practitioners; therapists, hairdressers and beauticians; home offices, hobbies & crafts; musicians & artists; librarians...and indeed anyone who suffers with back, neck or arm pain, and children and adults with neurological or musculoskeletal disorders.

Correct seating
It is important to sit on a seat where your knees are lower than your hips and your feet are planted squarely on the floor. The Saddle shaped seat gives maximum support and maintains your natural spine curve by keeping your pelvis rotated forwards and your back hollow - even when you lean forward to work. When you sit on the moulded ergonomic stool your bodyweight is automatically distributed more evenly, providing a natural anatomical balance and reducing pressure on the back muscles. This seated posture lowers the thighs, opens up the hips and puts the spine into a healthy lordotic curve. It also reduces pressure points for long-term comfort and allows users to get closer to their work.

Manufactured and supplied by Sitting-Comfortably in the UK

Monday, April 03, 2006

Beautelle’s saddle stools provide correct posture and support

Product Focus...
Ergonomic stool design is playing an ever-important role in the wellbeing of the seated therapist, technician and beautician. More and more therapists suffer with back and posture problems. The chairs or stools they sit on to give a treatment can be a contributing factor to poor posture which has resulted in Beautelle’s popular ergonomic seating range ever increasing!
Recommended by orthopaedic specialists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, the Burley Saddle Stool is proven to reduce work related upper limb disorders(RSI), decrease pain and fatigue associated with muscular tension, reduce lower back pain, relieve posture problems and improve blood circulation.
Beautelle’s saddle stools provide correct posture and support allowing the spine to maintain its physiological curves. Prices start at a comfortable £100+vat.

The shape of a Beautelle Saddle Seat maintains your natural spinal curve as you sit, stretch or lean forward ...Sitting on a saddle seat maintains the natural 'S' shape of the spine.


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A ‘Classic’ Addition

A new addition to the popular Windor 100 portable aluminium couch range, The Windsor 180 Cable Classic has all the virtues of the Windsor aluminium portable couch enhanced with a cable tensor system to provide extraordinary strength and optimum stability. Built specifically for performance this aluminium cable model provides heavy duty load bearing of up to 317.5kilo (50stone), a wider width to offer greater comfort, but remains light to carry! Price £275+vat.
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Beautelle launches new furniture collection Spring 2006

Beautelle’s brand new Beechwood range of furniture has evolved from the salon and spa putting more emphasis towards enhancing the ‘customer treatment experience’.Beautelles design know-how and manufacturing experience has balanced the practical issues of getting the ‘design look’ together with a cohesive range of equipment that provides for ultimate comfort for the client combined with ease of use for the therapy operator. Sarah Dandy, Sales & Marketing Director at Beautelle comments “Salon owners not only require their equipment to be functional but it also needs to endorse and enhance their own theme or design look.”The choice of materials and styles used in a salon or spa room has encouraged the development of this extensive natural suite of beechwood furniture which is complemented by a new ‘earthy’ selection of vinyl coverings in Rich Havana, Golden Hay or Toasted Almond.

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