Tuesday, March 13, 2007


EXTRA WIDE ELECTRONIC COUCH ...launched by beautelle therapy & medical equipment

Beautelle are delighted to announce the launch of a new extra wide electronic couch to their existing portfolio of treatment couches.

The new Buckingham 540 is a high specification electronic couch model specifically developed by Beautelle to provide a larger working surface and will suit a wide variety of medical and therapeutic treatments.

This versatile and easy to use multi-functional couch has many added features and, as standard, has a 40” wide upholstered top as opposed to a normal 24-26” width. There is also an option of having this manufactured even wider, to 48”.

Electronic height adjustment can be made at any point around the couch using the foot console- leaving the therapist’s hands free. In addition the exceptionally low start height allows wheelchair transfers. There are also retractable castor wheels which lift from the end of the couch using a foot lever, allowing for really easy manoeuvrability.

As a leading equipment provider to the spa, salon, health, medical & leisure markets Beautelle have been repeatedly asked to manufacture a wider couch. This new Buckingham 540 couch is designed to be extremely stable and offers a wide treatment area for the therapist in addition to greater comfort for the client.

Beautelle hope that by introducing this model into thier electronic Buckingham range the 540 will fill what we feel is a ‘gap’ in the market for a wider, top of the range electric couch that is manufactured to a very high specification. As a British manufacturer Beautelle use all the best materials and meet the most stringent of standards, and no corners have been cut in an attempt to provide the market with cutting edge design coupled with superior quality.

Price for this new model is a very reasonable £865 +vat and it is available with or without a breather hole. (additional accessories /options are also available).

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