Friday, July 07, 2006

Sitting Comfortably

The Sitting-Comfortably range of ergonomic seating

(A Beautelle subsidiary company)

Introduction and benefits: Are you sitting comfortably or does the chair you work on leave your back aching? Use your back correctly and have complete mobility wherever you are sitting, at home or at work, with the Sitting-Comfortably ergonomic stool.

This ergonomic design corrects posture and gives maximum support to relieve and prevent back pain. It reduces work related upper limb disorders, and minimises aches and pains in wrists, arms and shoulders. The use of this stool with a correct seated posture will help to avoid repetitive strain injury (RSI).

The benefits of using the Sitting-Comfortably ergonomic stool are:-
decreases pain and fatigue associated with muscular tension
alleviates neck, back and shoulder pain and related headaches
improves blood circulation and digestion
reduces lower back pain
relieves posture problems
enhances muscle tone & strengthens abdominal muscles
Corrects spinal posture
Improves reach and hand control
Improves seated mobility and leg movement

Technical specification
The ergonomic stool is of strong and durable construction and features height Adjusting Gas Lift-Single Lever Control and Five Star Bases. It is manufactured from Medical Grade Upholstery and Foam to standards S11324,1989, BS3379/BS5852

There are 5 models available in 6 colours and a two-tone option:
Standard: Pad 23" x 15", Gas Lift-Single Lever Control and Chrome Base with Castors
Tilting-top: Pad 23" x 15 Gas Lift-Single Lever Control, Adjustable Tilting Pad - 35°, Dual Lever Control and Five Star Chrome Base with Castors.
Compact Static: Pad 21" x 12", Gas Lift-Single Lever Control, Black Base with Castors
Compact Tilting: Pad 21" x 12", Gas Lift-Single Lever Control, Adjustable Tilting Pad – 35,Dual Lever Control and Black Base with Castors
High-Rise: Pad 23" x 15", Gas Lift-Single Lever Control, Adjustable Foot Ring and Chrome Base with Gripper Feet.

Uses and applications
The ergonomic stool is ideal for many sorts of seated occupations or operations: in offices, computer departments and workstations; laboratory and assembly workers; for medical, dental and veterinary practitioners; therapists, hairdressers and beauticians; home offices, hobbies & crafts; musicians & artists; librarians...and indeed anyone who suffers with back, neck or arm pain, and children and adults with neurological or musculoskeletal disorders.

Correct seating
It is important to sit on a seat where your knees are lower than your hips and your feet are planted squarely on the floor. The Saddle shaped seat gives maximum support and maintains your natural spine curve by keeping your pelvis rotated forwards and your back hollow - even when you lean forward to work. When you sit on the moulded ergonomic stool your bodyweight is automatically distributed more evenly, providing a natural anatomical balance and reducing pressure on the back muscles. This seated posture lowers the thighs, opens up the hips and puts the spine into a healthy lordotic curve. It also reduces pressure points for long-term comfort and allows users to get closer to their work.

Manufactured and supplied by Sitting-Comfortably in the UK